About Linda Pynaker, MSW, Author, Psychic Medium and International Speaker

Linda is the author of Make It Happen! Use Your Intuition and Positive Spirals, Messages of Hope and Healing and Time To Heal: A Novel. She has appeared on radio and television and is a vibrant international speaker.

Linda has a Masters Degree in Social Work and fourteen years counseling experience.

Linda has remarkable ability to connect with your loved ones in spirit through trance to reveal their unique personalities, share their messages and provide reassurance that they remain present in your life. She has more than fifteen years’ experience connecting with loved ones in spirit.If you would like to host a Sit With Spirit event in your home or event space or meet with Linda at Spirit Communications to connect with your loved ones in spirit, please contact Linda.

Linda can communicate with your spirit guides in trance. You will enjoy discovering who they are and what their purpose is in your life.

During readings, you may explore career and purpose, relationships and health. Linda may connect with your loved ones in spirit, help you to meet your spirit guides, review past lives and provide intuitive training.

She devotes herself to helping others to develop their intuitive ability and to manifest what they want through her books, intuitive training, iTunes Living Intuitively podcast, audios of guided meditations, readings, and free intuitive exercise videos.

In her blog, she shares inspirational messages and tips for living intuitively. Her personal conversational style makes her writing easy to relate to.

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, she lived in the US for ten years in San Diego and Los Angeles. She currently resides on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Linda enjoys gardening and has a great appreciation of nature. She loves to spend time with her two adult sons and their families who also live in Canada.